Navigation in zebrafish larvae

Image registration

Zebrafish larva and paramecia
File:20140912 165201
Recording: Navigation in a small chamber (20 mm diameter) was recorded at 100 fps.
Duration: about 300 sec (Here replayed at 10x real time)
Image registration: LabVIEW template matching and ImageJ TurboReg was used in succession.

Related publication:
For the image registration, see the method section of this paper, where it reads: “image registration was performed in two steps. In the first step, using LabVIEW’s template matching function in NI VISION module (National Instruments, Austin, TX, USA), the location (x,y) and the orientation (angle) of the larva in each frame were obtained. Using these parameters, each frame was translated and rotated to place the larva in the same position through frames. Because the deviation of the larval position was not small enough, in the second step we performed image registration again using TurboReg plugin ( in ImageJ (Rasband, W.S., National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA,”