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  1. You can call python script from matlab using the function
  2. The Python Integration Toolkit provides a way to communicate seamlessly between LabVIEW and Python.

Writing grant application

  4. The Office of Research is pleased to announce its partnership with Hanover Research, a grant development firm headquartered in Arlington, VA, to provide Grant Proposal editing/reviewing resources and to help faculty prepare competitive proposals.  Office of research

ImageJ macro programming tutorials

  1. ImageJ Macro Language Programmer’s Reference Guide v1.46d by Jérôme Mutterer and Wayne Rasband.
  2. Scripting using ImageJ Macro – a quick 1 hour tutorial –  by Kota Miura @ CMCI EMBL
  3. ImageJ macro programming by Morten Larsen (Image analysis 2010)
  4. Automation of image analysis tasks with ImageJ and MRI Cell Image Analyzer by Volker Baecker (Montpellier RIO Imaging) 14.03.2008

ImageJ plugin tutorials

  1. Writing ImageJ Plugins—A Tutorial by Werner Bailer (2006)
  2. PlugIn Design Guidelines (
  3. ImageJ programming tutorials by Albert Cardona > ImageJ programming basics > Anatomy of an ImageJ image

ImageJ:practical applications

  1. C. elegans motility analysis in ImageJ – A practical approach by Jesper S. Pedersen

Life Science Manufacturers and Distributors in Japan

  1. 池田理化 研究機器オンラインカタログ
  2. アズワン 研究用総合機器2015
  3. 岩井化学薬品 商品情報

Parts Online Shops in Japan

  1. AliExpress(日本語)
  2. モノタロウ 工具、メカニカル部品、電気材料、金具、科学研究関連商品、他
  3. MiSUMi-VONA :電気部品、ケーブルその他
  4. 八幡ねじ YHT NET SHOP:ネジ、ボルト、ナット、補助金具、ステー、他
  5. Thorlabs ソーラボ・ジャパン:光学部品その他
  6. Edmund Optics エドモンド・オプティクス:光学部品
  7. アクリ屋アクリル板カット、穴開け等の加工をウェブ画面で見積り・オーダー可能。

Commercial products for Zebrafish research

  1. iWorx Zebrafish Non-Invasive ECG Recording (YouTube)
  2. 橋本電子工業(三重県松坂市)ゼブラフィッシュ観察用マイクロプレートフナコシゼブラフィッシュを使ったハイスループットスクリーニング用マイクロプレート「ZFプレート」の使い方 (YOUTUBE)

Other goods and gadgets

  1. Newport High Load Lab Jacks
  2. ラボジャッキ (Lab Jack) 側面のハンドルで高さを調整 モノタロウ 60931455
  3. 4inch Aluminum Lifting Platforms Stand Rack Scissor Lab-Lifting Oxide Lab Jack Stand Scissor Utility Tools 30KG Max Load 
  4. SARSTEDT Petri dish 100 x 100 x 20 mm, PS, square
  5. Probio Petri Dish Size: 96 x 96 x 15mm  AS ONE Corporation
  6. White silicone rubber strip available in various widths and thicknesses and supplied in 5 metre lengths
  7. Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom silicone gaskets from silicone in its various forms, including solid silicone, expanded silicone sponge and silicone foam.
  8. Suzhou Kiiwoo Technology Co., Ltd. Silicone Rubber Gasket
  9. ディッシュボトル 角型(72×72×100mm) 穴あき フィルター付き 1個 プラケース 虫かご 観察 飼育容器


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