What is Toho University known for?

I am currently working for Toho University, a private university with a medical school in Japan. It was founded in 1925 as The Imperial Women’s Medical College by two physicians Yutaka Nukada and his brother Susumu Nukada. Now it has developed to a university that consists of five department: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing (both residing in Omori campus in Tokyo), and Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Faculty of Science and Health (these three resides on Narashino campus in Chiba prefecture). Faculty of Science and Health is also a nursing department, historically a successor of a nursing vocational school. Toho University Faculty of Medicine has 3 hospitals: Omori Medical center (in Ota-ku, Tokyo), Ohashi Medical center (in Meguro-ku, Tokyo) and Sakura Medical center (in Sakura, Chiba prefecture).

Buildings of Faculty of Medicine and Omori Hospital are located in Omori, 10 min walk from Umeyashiki station (Keikyu Line) or 15 min walk from Kamata station (Japana Railway; JR).

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As Toho University, now a co-educational institution, started as The Imperial Women’s Medical College, the ratio of female students to the male students are relatively high (332 female undergrad students (46.8%) and 377 male undergrad students (53.2%) in the faculty of medicine at 2022 May 1 Data). Toho University also has two clinics in Haneda Airport: Toho University Haneda Airport Clinic and Toho University Haneda Terminal 3 Clinic.


Read more about Toho University at https://global.toho-u.ac.jp/

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